If you were riding a car, there are no other ways to listen to music other than the car stereo that you have. It can be very boring to drive your car without any music, especially when you are driving in very long hours. There are no restrictions if you were to listen to audio while driving, but in some cases, it can be disrespectful or dangerous when you listen to music while riding, especially when it is a motorbike or a bicycle. But you still want to listen to music. So what do you need to do? Man on motorbike

All you need to know are rules. There is no best way to listen to audio other than knowing the rules to avoid any unforeseen events that you do not want to happen to you. And besides, you want your riding to be fun, especially when you are riding your bike.

Most bicycle and motorbike riders prefer to use earbud headphones to listen to music. It is not advisable to bring speakers as this can disturb other motorists or riders along with you unless you are riding the highway alone.

Use only one earbud

Except when you are a trainer, pull out the left bud out of the ear and ride with only the right one on. This is so that you can hear the other riders, the cars, and the general surroundings. You do not want to get surprised by other vehicles, or by canines or deer during your ride, as this can happen mostly in remote settings. If you do not want to take out one earbud because you feel you will miss the music entirely, just buy single earbuds, which make you feel like an undercover agent. There are audio companies that sell single earbud earphones wherein it combines both channels of the stereo audio. This way, you won’t miss anything.

One of the most popular options that riders are turning to is Bluetooth Headsets. They are designed to allow you make calls, communicate with other riders and listen to music. Read our review on most popular headset on the market, the Sena 20s review,

Follow the Rule 60/60

It is understandable for the most audiophile that listening to blaring audio can elevate your mood, but this can be harmful to your hearing. If the passerby can hear the music out of your earbud, it means that they are too loud. The max volume of most headphones is around 105 decibels. Normal talking is measured around 40 to 60 decibels. Experts on ear health recommend that you keep the volume of the player at 60 percent maximum, which is the level when talking to someone loudly and should be limited to 60 minutes per day. If you wish to go longer, turn down the volume.


Man holding equipmentObey Rules

Many organized races and rides have established rules against listening to audio while participating in the event. Avoid being that person that blissfully bops and hops along, being ignorant about it. When the organizer calls for non-ear doping, this means that you have to turn the tunes off.

Bar mounting speakers

Setting aside earbud headphones, you can use Bluetooth speakers and mount them on your bike if you wish to have a serenade along your cycling routines. They are loud enough that you can hear the music, but make sure they aren’t loud enough that you are disturbing other people.