Review: UCLEAR HBC200 Dual Pack Headset

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One thing that made this motorcycle helmet headset instantly feel like it was a great purchase was how easily the whole unit felt getting it out of the box. The steps to finish the installation was simple and it felt like the whole unit was on and running within about 10 minutes.

I initially purchased the UCLEAR HBC200 dual pack headset to trial the full duplex intercom that it came with. Never having a headset with that function I was very keen to see it in action. After using the product for about an hour, the other features really made this feel like a great little system that came loaded with a full range of great options. This UCLEAR HBC200 dual review highlights some of the great features this headset has to offer and why you should consider buying this if you want to chat while riding.

We all know that Bluetooth lets us receive and make calls via our cell phones, as well as listen to music or talk directly with others. The HBC200 system allows for that to happen to all the devices at the same time and with things like voice activated pick-up it really made my commutes to the office as well as weekend rides more enjoyable as I wasn’t pulling over every time the phone rang (in the past I would just switch it off, but it wasn’t safe if I had an accident).

As mentioned initially, my main reason for getting this device was the intercom system. I was surprised at just how well the HBC200 was able to connect with other devices. Even at long distances, with no line of site, the sound quality was fantastic and there was very little delay in messages being sent and received.

We only used it one time, but the ability to connect up to 10 riders in the same conversation was pretty cool and would be a great feature if you are always riding with large groups. We had no issues connecting the HBC200 to a wide range of other Bluetooth headsets. Just 1 SENA model had some initial errors but a quick reset cleared it right up.

UCLEAR Digital HBC2000 Dual Features

  • Connect with an unlimited number of riders
  • Excellent Stereo sound with audio clarity
  • Run multiple applications – mobile phone, intercom, GPS and music
  • Full duplex intercom technology
  • Speakers with built-in microphones
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Sound quality was reasonable. The speakers were quite clear and include some noise suppression technologies that UCLEAR have patented themselves. Things like road noise and sounds from other cars were still a bit of an issue in very heavy traffic, but generally the device done well to block most of the noises out.

The feedback from other riders was that our audio was very clear. In fact they thought we were using a more expensive model. Knowing that people can hear me clearly is a big thing for me. I really don’t like repeating myself or needing to yell while riding. This was a very big plus for the HBC200 and being able to switch between channels to create ‘private rooms’ where only certain people are listening was great too.

Installing The UCLEAR HBC200 Bluetooth Headset

Like we said at the start. One of the most impressive things about this motorbike bluetooth headset was the ease at which it seemed to all come together. The instructions were clear, and with very few components that need to be connected you’ll have it up and running in no time.

One thing that did surprise me was the weight of the HBC200. Compared to other devices in the same price range it did seem a little bulkier on the side of the helmet. Otherwise, the speakers were quite well sized and made fitting easy.

One of the cool things about the HBC200, is that the speakers/micorphone connect with a mini-USB port in the back of the device, so you don’t have to worry about a bulky helmet. However, we had some complaints that many bikers don’t like the spring metal friction mount that comes with the system which is considered a bit ugly.

This model works best in helmets were there is room between the shell and the liner. So if your helmet has a large bottom gasket, this might prevent this device from being mounted safely. The mount for the HBC200 appears visually to have the same mount as the HBC100, but we can’t confirm that 100%.

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Our Final Verdict

The UCLEAR HBC200 bluetooth motorcycle helmet headphones was a surprise package. Some of the features and options included were more than what I needed as a normal rider but I could see the benefit in all of them. If you’re new to riding and plan on getting right into it, this device has some solid features to get you started and has plenty for room for when you grow and need more options.