Review: Tork XPro Helmet Bluetooth Music Speakers

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I picked up a set of the Tork XPro Motorcycle speakers after a friend didn’t stop talking about how great they were for listening to musing while riding. Normally I avoid these types of accessories as I prefer to hear the road and surrounding environment if I happen to be riding alone. But I also like to try out different devices and see how they compare.

When they first arrived the initial reaction was that the cables were very short and I had doubts of being able to connect the phone if the volume control section wasn’t used.

The speakers installed quite well. Sitting just behind the padding of the helmet I didn’t even use the tape that’s included when I first used them and they stayed in place for a good length of time. Being fitted so easily made it so the original feel of the helmet was not altered. In fact I couldn’t tell that the new speakers had been added. Even with a little extra weight it wasn’t that noticeable.

Good For Sound Quality And Enjoying Music

The quality of the sound these tiny speakers were able to put out was very impressive. At full volume on my Samsung Galaxy S6 there was no distortion which I do find quite common on some motorcycle bluetooth headset devices. The speakers are made for a single purpose of playing audio so the quality should be better. The Tork XPro speakers met that level and blew past it.

Tork XPro Features:

  • Frequency range 20-22,000 hz at 106db/1KHz
  • Max 500mW Signal
  • Power 32ohm
  • Speaker Thickness – 1 cm thick x 5 cm Round
  • Stereo Sound
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dual Speakers
  • Volume Extension Control Cord
  • 1 “xpro sticker”
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The bass and the mid-tones of these speakers seemed to be pretty well balanced. I’m by no means an expert when it comes to sounds and tones, but I do enjoy my music and I have to say that in comparison to my desktop headphones and even my home entertainment system. The Tork XPro Speakers are pretty good in comparison.

Installing The TORK X-PRO Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

With no microphone or external devices to connect to the helmet, the XPro Speaker system just needed to be fitted inside the helmet before I connected my phone via the 3.5mm jack. The speakers are reasonably small and I was able to tuck them behind the foam padding inside the helmet easily enough. After that, it was as simple as plugging in the cable and finding a song on the phone to start playing.

Tips on Using the XPro

  • Use a high-quality MP3 player. If you go down the cheap low-quality route, it may not provide high enough volume or output to match the potential of the brilliant speaker.
  • Use good quality music files; some people will try and record mp3 files from other devices which means it loses quality every time you transfer music over.
  • Before you install the Tork XPro, hold the speakers to your ear while listening to an audio file to ensure that the sound quality is high enough and good quality.
  • Make sure the speakers are in the right location by playing music and check to see the loudness or closeness to your ear.
  • If the sound volume is too low once the speakers are installed, move the helmet around while playing music to see if that help with the sound.
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Our Final Verdict

The length of the Tork Pro cable without the volume control connected was very short and couldn’t be used without holding the phone in my hand at all times. Otherwise the installation process was quite easy. As for the sound quality. I was very impressed with how well these motorcycle helmet speakers performed and found using the Bluetooth via my phone to connect with other riders, the clarity of voice was very good. Obviously with no microphone I couldn’t join the conversation but it was good to hear what was happening around me during the ride.

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For me, riding with just speakers isn’t something I normally do, however when I use these speakers the sound of music or podcasts is a lot clearer than what I can get out of the any of the Bluetooth headset devices I have purchased. Overall a very nice sounding speaker. The Tork Xpro helmet speakers are great for riders who want to listen to their favourite tracks as they ride.

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