Review: Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Dual Headset

Sena 10 Bluetooth Headset

Before motorcyclists claim that technology hasn’t benefitted them much, let us introduce the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset that can make the motorcycle journey a lot more fun. Such is our devotion to technology that even a motorcyclist can’t abstain from using their phone during the journey. Car drivers do it all the time, so why shouldn’t a biker? Hence the Bluetooth headsets. What’s more, a Bluetooth headset catering to the motorcyclist’s specific needs.

We have carried out a number of bluetooth headset reviews and this is one is one of our favourites. Enter the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset, particularly moulded for the average motorcyclist who finds technology to be skewed in favor of car-riders.

Sena SMH10 Features

The dual Sena SHM 10 has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. You can listen to music and share it as well, make and receive calls, and even engage in four-way conversations. When fully charged, it can withstand 12 hours worth of talk time, and a whopping 10 days of stand-by time. How’s that for a device suitable for long journeys?

Tired of having to increase the volume to a deafening level till your ears bleed, just to drown out the irritating background noise? The Sena SMH10 presents to you Advanced Noise Control, which muffs out irritating background sounds. There is a Universal Microphone Kit included. The device weighs 2.1 ounces, and looks pretty cool too – the interface has been streamlined to encourage easy use on the road.

The Intercom operates at distances of up to 900 meters. Profiles include a hands-free Profile, an audio video-remote control profile, headset profile, and advanced audio distribution profile. The Sena 10 comes with a 2 year warranty in case of any sort of unexpected damage to the headphones.

Sena 10 image

How to install Sena SMH-10

The Sena SMH10 is pretty easy to install, and has been specifically made to be set up in a biker’s helmet. Installing it requires 4 simple steps.

  1. First, in the area between the external shell and the internal padding of the helmet, put in the back-plate of clamp unit (the part that encompasses the speakers, microphone and MP3 jack). Please make sure the microphone is in the correct position(it should be next to your mouth).
  2. Now, if needed, utilize the mounting adapter to attach the clamp unit to your helmet’s external shell. If it doesn’t attach properly, clean your helmet to make sure the glue of the adapter sticks unyieldingly.
  3. Once attached, fix the microphone’s position so the triangular mark is pointing at your mouth.
  4. Lastly, put the lowest part of headphone unit in the bottom part of the clamp unit, and nudge the higher part of headset unit until you hear a click. The 10S Sena should now be good to ride with.

Using the Sena SMH10

This model easily locks into the helmet, so you don’t have to spend hrs messing about with it, unlike other cheap brands. Once locked it feels very secure and sturdy, so there is very little chance your bluetooth headset will fall off when going over bumps.

On/Off: to turn on the device you press the Jog Dial button, and the system will turn on within 3 seconds, followed by a tone and the familiar blue light.

To turn off the device: You once again press the Jog Dial and intercom button and it will take about 2 seconds to shut itself down.

Pairing the device: This model has a unique pairing procedure. You turn the unit on then press and hold the intercom button for about 3 seconds to place it in pairing mode.

Multiple Pairing: With this model, you can pair up to four units.

Mobile Phone: This will pair with any bluethooth enabled device.
Once you’re connected, to answers calls, you would press the intercom button or answers with the voice activation system.

Our Final Verdict

Small speaker size and pairing problems aside, the SMH 10 Sena is a well-rounded, neat little headphones that has impressed a lot of motorcyclists and other users. Its compact size, large working distance and hours (even days) of battery life are available at a bargain price on the market. What with the poorer Bluetooth audio qualities out there, the Sena 10 brought something new to the table by upgrading the quality of sound on a Bluetooth headphone.

Let’s admit that we’ve all been waiting for an innovation like this. It is about time we could listen to music on our Bluetooth headphones that didn’t sound muffled or distorted. So avoid any horrible accidents and clamp on a pair of the Sena 10 headset. You can listen to music and chat with your pals safely on the fast lane. This Sena 10S review was one of the most enjoyable products to write about due to the high quality and performance of the headset. We can safely say that the Sena bluetooth smh10 is one of the best headsets on the market with the option of buying a dual package which will save you some money.

  • Pro
  • Super slim model
  • Long range (900 meters)
  • 12 Hrs talk time
  • Connect with 4 riders
  • 10 days standby time
  • Cons
  • Detaching the unit can be akward