guy in helmetMotorbike helmets create an additional layer of protection for riders, lessening serious brain injury in case of accidents. But, not all helmets are created equal. Therefore, you need to be critical when selecting your protective head gear.

A typical product has three layers: the shell, the foam, and padding. The shell is responsible for distributing the force when the impact happens, while the foam absorbs as much impact as possible. The padding gives it a good fit versus the head. Of all the three, the determinant of a top notch helmet lies in the shell.

If you are in the process of choosing a product based on the material of the shell, here are some good picks.


Fiberglass shells are costlier than plastic primarily because of the painstaking manufacturing process and its durability. It is lightweight but harder. The only thing that you must take note is that fiberglass is relatively inelastic and is prone to cracking.

Kevlar and Carbon Composite Shells

Kevlar motorbike products undergo the same rigorous manufacturing process as fiberglass. However, their difference lies mainly on the type of fiber cloth used. Kevlar is so strong and flexible; it can be used in making papers to building homes. Moreover, these composite helmets are 20% to 30% lighter than most fiberglass helmets. This type of material is highly recommended for those that are into motorsports.

Thermoplastic Helmets

If you use your motorbike for the regular commute or for leisure, and you are working on a tight budget, the thermoplastic helmet is a fair option. It is made up of polycarbonate material and is comparatively harder and heavier than the first two.

Aside from picking the material that suits your need and budget, you also should look into other factors before deciding to buy one.

guy in motorbikeAerodynamics

The sheer force of the wind can hurt your face or head. Especially when you are up for a long drive, one with too much wind resistance can be bothersome and can cause fatigue.

Safety Factors

Always look for a brand that is approved by regulatory bodies and has these key words: ECE, SNELL, and DOT. These marks signify that the product underwent an evaluation process and passed specific quality standards.


Good products snug around the head and face within zero to minimal pressure. If you are able to stick your fingers making it move, you may need a smaller size. It is best that you try it out before purchasing. The eye port should also be placed just right above your eyebrows.

It is also important that you determine your head shape. There are three common shapes when talking about motorbike helmets: long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval.
For a rider that requires all around safety, full face helmets are perfect. Half helmets are recommended for those who use their motorbikes for leisure, while modular types will give motocross enthusiasts a mix of protection and comfort as they speed up from one course to another.

Visibility Features

While safety should not be compromised, you shouldguy driving also consider comfort and visibility. Look for a helmet with wide eye visor as much as possible.

Most countries are implementing a law concerning the use of head protection for any bicycle or motorcycle riders. It can be as strict as everyone should wear head protection, to as simple as imposing the law to certain age bracket. In the United States, laws vary from one state to another.

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Man on motorbike

If you were riding a car, there are no other ways to listen to music other than the car stereo that you have. It can be very boring to drive your car without any music, especially when you are driving in very long hours. There are no restrictions if you were to listen to audio while driving, but in some cases, it can be disrespectful or dangerous when you listen to music while riding, especially when it is a motorbike or a bicycle. But you still want to listen to music. So what do you need to do? Man on motorbike

All you need to know are rules. There is no best way to listen to audio other than knowing the rules to avoid any unforeseen events that you do not want to happen to you. And besides, you want your riding to be fun, especially when you are riding your bike.

Most bicycle and motorbike riders prefer to use earbud headphones to listen to music. It is not advisable to bring speakers as this can disturb other motorists or riders along with you unless you are riding the highway alone.

Use only one earbud

Except when you are a trainer, pull out the left bud out of the ear and ride with only the right one on. This is so that you can hear the other riders, the cars, and the general surroundings. You do not want to get surprised by other vehicles, or by canines or deer during your ride, as this can happen mostly in remote settings. If you do not want to take out one earbud because you feel you will miss the music entirely, just buy single earbuds, which make you feel like an undercover agent. There are audio companies that sell single earbud earphones wherein it combines both channels of the stereo audio. This way, you won’t miss anything.

One of the most popular options that riders are turning to is Bluetooth Headsets. They are designed to allow you make calls, communicate with other riders and listen to music. Read our review on most popular headset on the market, the Sena 20s review,

Follow the Rule 60/60

It is understandable for the most audiophile that listening to blaring audio can elevate your mood, but this can be harmful to your hearing. If the passerby can hear the music out of your earbud, it means that they are too loud. The max volume of most headphones is around 105 decibels. Normal talking is measured around 40 to 60 decibels. Experts on ear health recommend that you keep the volume of the player at 60 percent maximum, which is the level when talking to someone loudly and should be limited to 60 minutes per day. If you wish to go longer, turn down the volume.


Man holding equipmentObey Rules

Many organized races and rides have established rules against listening to audio while participating in the event. Avoid being that person that blissfully bops and hops along, being ignorant about it. When the organizer calls for non-ear doping, this means that you have to turn the tunes off.

Bar mounting speakers

Setting aside earbud headphones, you can use Bluetooth speakers and mount them on your bike if you wish to have a serenade along your cycling routines. They are loud enough that you can hear the music, but make sure they aren’t loud enough that you are disturbing other people.

Black productMany motorcyclists view wearing a helmet as a burden and rather choose to ride helmet-free with the wind in their hair. In many areas, the use of head protection is actually required by law when riding on your bike and for a good reason. Although they may be somewhat restrictive and maybe a bit uncomfortable, they perform an extremely important job. That is, keeping your head safe, especially in the case of a fall or an accident.

Motorbike Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

Unlike in a car accident, when you’re involved in a motorcycle accidentaccident there is little between you and other things, whether it be the road, trees or other vehicles. This is what makes the use of head protection so important. Things happen in an instant on the road, and no matter how skillful you fancy yourself, you still have no idea what others will do on the road. A motorcycle is also far smaller than other vehicles on the road and is easy to miss, people might not see you, even if you think that they have seen you. The forces involved in a serious accident are monumental, and the potential consequences of not putting on a helmet are just far too great.

Common Misconceptions

Some riders have said things like wearing head protection is only the difference between an open casket and closed casket at the funeral. This infers that many believe that if they’re in a motorcycle accident, they’re going to die anyway so why not do it comfortably. The truth of the matter is that many motorcycle accidents are completely survivable, some you could walk away from with just a few minor scrapes and bruises, especially if you are wearing head protection!

Bike Accident Statistics

Most doctors have a phobia of motorcycles, and it is not often you will see one parked in their garage. This is because they’ve seen what can happen. This is not to say you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle, just do it safely and take precautions. The following statistics offer good reasoning as to why wearing head protection is so beneficial:

  • Head injuries are among the very top causes of death in motorcycle accidents.
  • By simply putting on head protection you can mitigate your risk of fatality by 37%.
  • A motoman on bikercyclist is 37 times more likely to die in an accident than an individual traveling in a passenger car.
  • A motorcyclist that chooses not to wear a helmet is 40% more likely to sustain a fatal head injury and 15% more likely to sustain a non-fatal head injury than the motorcyclist who is wearing a helmet during an accident.
  • Helmets, in general, show a 67 % effectiveness in preventing brain injury.
  • Wearing head protection is the single most important factor in surviving a motorcycle accident.

Road Biking vs. Other Biking

For some reason, it only seems to be those who ride motorbikes on the road that feel the need to go helmet-free. All those riding track, motocross, and FMX see the need for a helmet, and there isn’t much resistance. Yes, there may be a few jumps involved in some of these sports but, in my opinion, this is still far safer compared to riding on the road. The road is traversed by hundreds of diverse vehicles being operated by individuals of entirely different skill levels, some of whom have never even been on a motorbike.

The Type of Helmet Matters

The type of head protection that you choose to wear is also very important. Full-face helmets have been shown to be far more effective than open versions and prevent nasty facial fractures that can occur in accidents. They will also prevent less severe injuries in minor accidents that the smaller half-face or top helmets will not. Even the use of a proper visor or goggles has significant benefits regarding eye safety.

Many injuries and even death can be avoided with the use of head protection, and this could also save you a lot of time and money that you would’ve spent in the hospital. Riding without one just isn’t worth it, be safe and take the 2 seconds to put your brain bucket on.

musicWhen you are riding a motorbike, it is important to make sure that you are listening to right music for a lot of reasons. A motorbike can be one of the best things that you do when you are on the road as it is very refreshing and healthy for you. It is also a lot of fun and making sure that you keep your cool is imperative, and this is where music plays a huge part. Therefore below are some of the reasons why it is more fun to ride motorbikes with good music playing on your eyes.

Helps one maintain focus on the road

motorbikeThis is one of the most important things that you need to do when you are on the road and music will help you get this on track. Therefore getting your playlist on while you are riding your motorbike can help you keep your focus on the road as you won’t even feel tired or anything and it will help you be attentive.

Kills boredom

When you are on the road, and if you are alone on the bike, you will find that it is very easy to get bored and in turn, you might even lose your attention on the road. If however, you have good music playing, you will be in a position to even sing along and be attentive to where you are going. Getting bored can be dangerous, and it is important to make sure that you get rid of this.

Helps you catch up on latest music

This is the time that you have to catch up on your favorite albums as you might have been busy for a while. This time on the road on your motorbike will give you an opportunity to catch up on the latest music from your favorite musicians. When you are riding the motorcycle, and you want to stay focused, new music will help you out, and there is no better than those new albums that you have been shelving for a while and haven’t listened to then this is the chance that you have to catch up.

Keeping your cool

When you are out there on the road, you will come motorbike and sunsetacross a lot of drivers that are both rude and hurl insults carelessly at anyone, and you might also fall victim to this. Music will help you keep your cool through these very abusive drivers. You will need to maintain your cool so that the journey can be a bit better. Your favorite songs will help you relax and smile through the insults and irritating drivers that you come across.

Making the way shorter

When you are riding the motorbike, you will find out that where you are going might seem a little bit longer but when you are listening to music the way might be shorter. It is all a matter of perspective, and when you are just riding listening to nothing, you will find out that the way will seem longer. So, just play your favorite music, and you will see how shorter the distance will seem.

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motorbike helmet headphones

Riding a motorcycle can be plenty of fun particularly for those who love riding. However, motorcycle riding has its shortcomings particularly when it comes to listening to music and keeping in touch with your pals via phone. On one hand, it is almost impossible to hear clearly because of the wind. On the other hand, one must have their helmet on so as to stay safe.

But that notwithstanding, there is a solution for riders, thanks to the advent of motorcycle headsets. These headsets are designed with the need to help riders listen to music and keep in touch with their buddies while riding.

But like with other types of headsets, motorcycle headsets aren’t made equal. Some have sophisticated features than others. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of motorcycle headset, there are a number of features you need to look for to ensure you pick the best headsets for an awesome riding experience. Here are some of the most important features to look for in motorcycle headsets.

Sound quality

The quality of sound the motorcycle headsets generate is definitely one of the most important features you need to look for while shopping for motorcycle headsets. Before making a purchase, find out whether the headsets have excellent sound quality as well as noise cancellation to dampen any interfering noises from traffic, rain, wind and other environmental factors. Again, take into consideration whether the headsets have a crystal-clear output for it is as important as excellent sound quality. The Sena 20s which we reviewed is probably the most popular bluetooth headset on the market with the best reputation for sound quality. Check out the full review here.

Voice prompts

These are other important features to look for in motorcycle headsets, thanks to the fact that they are designed to enable you to operate the headset hands-free. Considering that both hands will be on the handlebars when you are riding, then it is apparent voice prompts are crucial for safety and convenience.

Comfortable design

A great set of motorcycle headsets should have a man with headsetcomfortable design, and most importantly be comfortable to wear. Many riders can ride for hours, and thus having headsets that feel comfortable is quite imperative. Not all motorcycle headsets are built for ultimate comfort.

In most cases, you have to part with some extra bucks when picking your headsets if you want a more comfortable and luxurious feel. The type of materials used to manufacture motorcycle headsets also determines whether they are comfortable or not.

Basic headsets have foam earmuffs, but other comfortable designs use velour or faux leather over the padding. A comfortable design is also determined by the connection method. Some motorcycle headsets are connected with wires like RCA, USB or auxiliary cables. Other headsets have a wireless connection, hence allowing riders to move and turn their heads freely. The wireless option is by far the most comfortable of all motorcycle headsets.

Cell phone connectivity

This is another important feature to look for when shopping for motorcycle headsets. It is designed to enable you access to your phone while on the road. Cell phone connectivity should be paired with a hands-free operation for convenience.


Picking the best motorcycle headsets can be an easy task if at all you know the exact features to look for. Now that you already know some of the most important features to look for in ideal motorcycle headsets, then you will find it easier picking the best headsets that suit your riding experience.

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